There were about eighty (80) participants who were able to attend the said orientation comprising of the DENR-ARMM key officials and sector’s heads and selected representatives, headed by Assistant Secretary Alindatu K. Pagayao who delivered the opening and inspirational message.

On her discussions, Atty. Mutin gave emphases on the important issues involving women such as: equal opportunities and access to work, giving them chance by the government to have full participation in the bureaucracy, in the government and in society; women are half of the country’s population, as such, they are half of the producers of economic goods and services but, they are in the invisible and marginalized sector and the so-called non-money economy;  women are deterrents to development thus, it is important to address them in development planning; and, empowers women to be effective as half of the national producers of goods and services.

The Gender and Development (GAD) Planning and Budgeting of every agency was also discussed which has the following costing and allocation of at least five percent (5%) of the total agency budget appropriations authorized under the Annual Budget shall correspond to activities supporting GAD PPAs; GAD budget is not an additional budget and it may be drawn from MOOE, PS and CO; The five percent (5%) GAD budget shall endeavour to influence the remaining 95% of the agency budget toward gender-responsiveness; Five (5) to thirty (30) percent of ODA funds shall be allocated to support gender-responsive PPAs; and, attributing the cost or a portion of the cost of implementing major programs to the GAD budget.

Some of the issues and concerns raised were on the status of leadership of women in Islamic points of view and on the matter of men harassment by women wherein according to Atty. Mutin, is possible and men for that matter have the right to file a case but this is a very rare case to happen, she answered.


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