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Spearheaded by Forester Dagadas, the goal of the aforementioned activity was to remain in line with the climate change program's objectives.


"Our goal is to revamp the disasters that climate change has been causing," the forester said. "The program is created to provide continuing assistance to communities in ARMM that are affected by climate change," he added.


DENR ARMM Regional Secretary Hadji Kahal Q. Kedtag, who started the climate change mitigation program initiative, noted that the department wants to preserve the environment's integrity.

"One way to preserve our ecological integrity is to address climate change," he said.


The town of Pandag, moreover, was privileged to have been one of the department's recipients for this project. Assemblyman Khadafeh Mangudadatu received the seedlings on behalf of the people of Pandag.


Aside from Pandag, municipalities such as Rajah Buayan and Mamasapano had also been recipients of special projects from DENR. Rajah Buayan was granted 1,000 hectares by the regional department, and like Pandag, Mamasapano was also given bamboo seedlings. In fact, the department has granted Mamasapano this environmental assistance many times since the Fallen 44 incident.


Part of the projects under the department's climate change mitigation program, the seedlings turnover highlights the greening objective of the department.


With its strategy targeting marginalized and poor communities, especially parts of ARMM that are vulnerable to climate change, DENR-ARMM aims to aid the rest of the province in lessening and preventing the radical effects of climate change.


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