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Regional Secretary Kedtag: ‘We will strive for a better ARMM’

‘Land disputes affect not only the involved parties but also the region in general. [Government] initiatives fail due to armed conflicts rooted from unsettled land ownership,’ said the Regional Secretary.

The message came about to formally launch the land survey and title grant project of the department in the rido-stricken areas of Barira, Buldon and Matanog in Maguindanao.

‘We’ve seen the ugly effects of these [land] disagreements, we have to stop that,” Secretary Kedtag reiterated.

Furthermore, the project implementation in the Municipalities of Barira, Buldon and Matanog will set in motion on January 24, February 3 and February 12 respectively.

The Regional Secretary is positive that this project will ‘permanently end’ the sad condition faced by the people of ARMM.

‘We are committed to give people their rights. We are one with the people. Together, we will strive for a better ARMM’, the Honorable Secretary conveyed.

HDAP: Free Land Titling and Survey

The multi-million project is under the Humanitarian Development and Assistance Program of the Hataman administration to address land conflicts in the region.

The on-going project covers 15 Municipalities of Maguindanao granting 300 hectare coverage of free land title and survey for each town.



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