2018 Memorandum/Special Order


January 2018

                 1. Donation of confiscated logs/lumbers for the livelihood of food craftmen & artisans affected by the Marawi seige

                 2. Designation of permanent focal person to the formulation of M-CLUP & updating of LDS Provincial Dev't. & physical framework plan

                 3. Compliance to martial law instruction No. 01 dated Jan. 8, 2018

                 4. Recall Order

                 5. Attendance & support to the conduct of Senate Sub-Committee on the Bangsamoro Basic Law Publi Hearing

                 6. Submission of training needs assessment survey


February 2018

                 1. Request for approval of Travel Order outside ARMM

                 2. Submission of ARMM-DENR Damage Assessment & Needs Analysis with proposed recovery & rehabilitation projects for affected areas of tropical storm "Vinta"

                 3. Attendance to the Strategic Management System (SPMS)

                 4. Request for authority to travel abroad

                 5. New policy in approving travel authority (abroad & local)

                 6. List of services for ARMM people's day and names of designated focal persons for 636 barangays of ARMM-DENR


March 2018

                1. 2nd Bangsamoro Summit & Parade

                2. Parade on the Opening Day of the 2018 Bangsamoro Week of Peace

                3. Submission of Internet Usage & requirements survey form

                4. Launching of Pakarajan 2018

                5. Request for authority to travel abroad to the holy sites from May 24, 2018-June 5, 2018 of Ms. Arcely C. Cunting


April 2018

                1. Endorsement of E.S. Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia

                2. Resource person for Cadastral Survey Program

                3. Attendance & participation to the public consultation of RLA propose bill on Responsible Mining Act of ARMM

                4. Request for survey

                5. Attendance to the dialogue & conflict management & resolution to the alledged encroachment of CONSUNJI to the brgys. og Ampatuan, Maguindanao


May 2018

                1. Submission of several inventory & technical documents in preparation to the transition to Bangsamoro

                2. Modified official time during the Holy Month of Ramadhan

                3. Request for authority to travel abroad to perform the annual hajj of Mrs. Sarapuddin

                4. Request for authority to travel abroad to perform the annual hajj of Mrs. Jaji

                5. Request for authority to travel abroad to perform the annual hajj of Ms. Cabugatan


June 2018

                1. Wearing of prescribed uniform

                2. Orientation on Environmental Laws

                3. Opening of the Maguindanao Village

                4. Attendance to the 1st Halal Summit in Lamitan City, Basilan

                5. Request for authority to travel abroad to perform the annual hajj


 July 2018

                1. Request for authority to travel abroad

                2. Submission of complete list of species for watershed project

                3. Letter request of PRO-ARMM

                4. Orientation on R.A. 9003

                5. Joint assessment & site consultation of Amoyong Cave in Wao, Lanao del Sur


 August 2018

                1. Conduct of re-inventory of existing private tree plantation

                2. Letter request of Timanan Central Elem. School

                3. Report of collection & remittances

                4. Agency status report of PAPs for Bangon Marawi

                5. Flag raising & opening program of 118th CSC anniversary


September 2018

                1. Report of Collection & Remittances

                2. Designation of a contact person to assist researchers from Dela Salle University

                3. Deputization as Land Inspector

                4. Submission of Physical & Financial Report 

                5. 29th National Statistics Month Celebration 


October 2018

                1. Submission of additional Transition Documents

                2. Report of Collection & Remittances

                3. Submission of physical & financial reports of operation

                4. Request for projection

                5. Application for PLTP

                6. Approval of TO to attend SFFI anniversary & National Convention of foresters


 November 2018

                1. Recall order

                2. Attendance & participation to the policy forum on transparency & accountability

                3. Collection & remittances report

                4. Submission of physical & financial report

                5. authority to travel


December 2018

                1. Request to travel abroad by Lalang & Biruar

                2. Filling-up of figures for the financial accomplishments of the ARMM-DENR from 2012-2018

                3. Submission of electronic & hard copies of ARMM-DENR summary of physical &

                    financial accomplishment reports from 2012-2018

                4. Submission of pertinent documents as requested in the National Security Council letter

                5. Designation of Office Caretaker

                6. Submission of Physical & Financial report of operation for Nov. 2018





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