DENR-ARMM Mandate, Vision, Mission & Functions



The ARMM-DENR shall be the primary regional agency responsible for the conservation, management and sustainable development of the region's environment and natural resources.



By 2022, the ARMM-DENR is governed by capacitated and reformed personnel with improved records and revenue collection systems, responsive policies and effective and efficient delivery of environment and natural resources services through established institutional arrangements and enforced mechanisms among stakeholders.



To sustainably manage its environment and natural resources, provide all Bangsamoro equitable access to the region's patrimony for the attainment of healthy environment and lasting peace and development in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.



The Department shall have the following powers and functions:

1. Recommend to the Regional Governor the enactment of laws relative to the exploration, development, use, regulation and conservation of the region's natural resources and the control of pollution;

2. Formulate, implement and supervise the implementation of government's policies, plans and programs pertaining to the management, conservation, development, use and replenishment of the region's natural resources in accordance with the existing laws, IRR, memorandum circulars which are hereafter incorporated as integral part of this code in so far as they are applicable;

3. Issue licenses and permits for activities related to the use and development of natural resources, treasure hunting, salvaging of sunken vessels and other similar responsibilities;

4. Promulgate rules and regulations in accordance with law governing the exploration, development, conservation, extraction, disposition, use and such other commercial activities tending to cause the depletion and degradation of our natural resources;

5. Exercise supervision and control over lands, alienable and disposable public lands, mineral resources, and in the process of exercising such control, impose appropriate taxes, fees, charges, rentals subject to existing law, rules and regulations and any such form of levy and collect such revenues for the exploration, development, utilization or gathering of such resources;

6. Undertake the exploration, assessment, classification and inventory of the country's natural resources, using ground surveys, remote sensing and complementary technology;

7. Consult with the private sector on matters involving exploration, development, use and conservation of natural resources;

8. Undertake and update geological surveys of the whole ARMM including its territorial waters;

9. Provide the guidelines in the implementation of the following programs:

          a. Accelerate inventory, survey and classification of lands, forest and mineral resources, using appropriate technology,               to be able to come up with a more accurate assessment of resource quality and quantity;

          b. Equitable distribution of natural resources through judicious administration, regulations, development and                          conservation of public lands, forest, water and mineral resources (including mineral reservation areas), that would                 benefit a greater number of the residents of Autonomous Region;

          c. Promotion, development and expansion of natural resource-based industries;

          d. Preservation of cultural and natural heritage through wildlife conservation and segregation of natural parks and                     other protected areas;

          e. Maintenance of wholesome natural environment by enforcing environmental protection laws; and

          f. Encouragement of greater people participation and private initiative in rural resources management.

10. Promulgate rules and regulations necessary to:

         a. Accelerate a coastal and emancipation patent surveys, land use planning and public land titling;

         b. Harness forest resources in a sustainable manner, to assist rural development, support forest-based industries and                  provide raw materials to meet increasing demands at the same time keeping adequate reserves for environmental                  stability;

         c. Expedite mineral resources surveys, promote the production of metallic and non-metallic minerals and encourage                  mineral marketing; and

         d. Assure conservation and judicious and sustainable development of aquatic resources.

11. Asses, review and provide directors to, in coordination with concerned government agencies, energy research and development programs, including identification of sources of energy and determination of their commercial feasibility for development;

12. Regulate the development, disposition, extraction, exploration and use of country's forest lands, water and mineral resources;

13. Assume responsibility for the assessment, development, protection, licensing, and regulation as provided for by law, where applicable, of all energy and natural resources; the regulation and monitoring of service contractors, licenses, leases and permit for the extraction, exploration, development and use of natural resources products; the implementation of programs and measure with the end in view of promoting close collaboration between the government and the private sectors; the effective and efficient classification and sub-classification of lands of the public domain; and the enforcement of natural resources and environmental laws, rules and regulations;

14. Promulgate rules, regulations and guidelines on the issuance of licenses, permits, concessions, lease agreement and such other privileges concerning the development, exploration and utilization of the region's marine, freshwater, brackish water and overall aquatic resources of ARMM and shall continue to oversee, supervise and police our natural resources; cancel or cause to cancel such privileges upon failure, non-compliance or violation of conservation of natural resources and supportive of the regional interest;

15. Exercise exclusive jurisdiction in the management and disposition of all lands, of the public domain and serve as sole agency responsible for classification, sub-classification, surveying and titling of lands in consultation with appropriate agencies;

16. Implement measures for the regulation and supervision of the processing of forest product, grading and inspection of lumber and other forest product and monitoring of the movement of timber and other forest products;

17. Promulgate rules and regulations and supervision of the control of water, air and land pollution;

18. Promulgate ambient and effluent standard for water and air quality including the allowable levels of other pollutant and radiations;

19. Promulgate policies, rules and regulations for the conservation of the country's genetics resources, biological diversity, and endangered habitants;

20. Formulate an integral, multi-sectoral, and multi-disciplinary regional conservation strategy for the Regional Governor's approval; and

21. Perform such other function as maybe provided by law.






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