2017 Memorandum Order/Special Order/Issuances


January 2017

          1. Reassignment of DENR-ARMM officials and staff

          2. Creation of fact-finding team for impact of mining @ buan bay, Tawi-Tawi

          3. Recomposition of multi-partite monitoring team

          4. survey and inventory of LGUs compliance with RA 9003


February 2017

          1. World Wetland Day Celebration

          2. Inspection & Verification of Waste Flow into Sapalan & Sifaran River

          3. WFP for nursery establishment and seedling productions & anti-illegal logging activities

          4. Voluntary donations for Surigao Earthquake Victims


March 2017

          1. Update on the status of apprehended forest product in Maguindanao

          2. Conduct relocation survey 

          3. Recall order

          4. Alleged smuggling of turtle eggs in Turtle Island 

          5. Validation of Reports by concerned Mining Company


April 2017

          1. Site visit & field inspection on the Mangrove Reforestation Project in the Mun. of

              Lugus, Sulu

          2. Submission of documents as requirements under the PAME-GIZ

          3. ARMM-DENR list of enumerators for the ARMM-WFP comprehensive food

              security and vulnerability assessment project

          4. Submission of Personal Data Sheet

          5. Attendance to the 115th Labor Day Celebration


May 2017

          1. Deliberation of all submitted 10-year Solid Waste Management Plan of ARMM LGUs

          2. Re-assignment of some ARMM-DENR officials and staff at the Regional Office

          3. Participation in a Forum on Moro Heritage

          4. Alleged selling of Turtle eggs and Turtle Hatchings from Bancauan Island, Tawi-Tawi

          5. List of ARMM-DENR officials and employees in the Province of Lanao del Sur

including Maranao employees at the Regional Office

          6. Voluntary contribution to the ARMM-DENR #staystrongmarawireleifefforts

          7. Establishment of Satellite Office for the PENRO-Lanao del Sur and accounting of all personnel


June 2017

          1. Submission of projects & programs for Lanao del Sur & Marawi City

          2. Attendance & participation to the 2017 NCI-SRD

          3. Control issuance of tree cutting permit

          4. ARMM-DENR Office Caretaker

          5. Attendance & participation to the launching activity for nutrition month

          6. Request for authority to travel


July 2017

          1. Request for the conduct of psychometric examination for vacant position of CENRO 1st District of Lanao del Sur

          2. Initial assessment on the Marawi incident based on the mandate of the ARMM-DENR

          3. Attendance & participation to the 2017 investments priorities plan (IPP) Roadshow

          4. Strengthen monitoring on the compliance of mining companies of their commitments both on environmental protection & rehabilitation & social obligations

          5. Request for authority to travel abroad to perform the annual hajj to Makkah, KSA

          6. Submission of nominee for the training for tropical forest conservation using forest monitoring system with ALOS-2 Satellite


August 2017

          1. Request for authority to travel abroad to perform the annual hajj to Makkah, KSA

          2. BAC Notice of Meeting

          3. Draft Executive Order for Conservation & Protection of Marine Turtle & other Wildlife

          4. ARMM-DENR Comprehensive Accomplishment Report

          5. Philippine Civil Service 117th Anniversary


September 2017

          1. Attendance and participation to the Western Mindanao Maritime Security Forum

          2. Website's full backup files

          3. Request for authority to travel abroad to attend training for Tropical Forest Conservation

          4. Request for authority to travel abroad to participate in the YSEALI-PFP 


October 2017

          1. Letter request of Hoffer Ampatuan Municipality Mayor

          2. Letter request of Datu Cursing Palti

          3. Launching of GADDUNG

          4. Website full backup files

          5. Nominees to the training of trainors on wildlife law enforcement


 November 2017

          1. Authority to travel abroad (Arcely Cunting)

          2. Authority to travel abroad (Causar Jally)

          3. Mandatory Drug Testing (PENROs)

          4. Mandatory Drug Testing (Regional Office)

          5. Detail Order of Mr. Raffi A. Abas

          6. Submission of ARMM-DENR Key Milestone/Accomplishments

          7. Memorandum Order No. 636 Series of 2017


December 2017

          1. Request for authority to travel abroad

          2. Submission of ARMM-DENR Report

          3. Memo to PENRO Lanao del Sur

          4. Attendance to the ARMM-DENR 2-day training-workshop on GAD

          5. Request for projection

          6. Designation of Office Caretaker

          7. Provision of Data Required for resources mapping


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